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The Trentino No TAV movement in mobilizing against the No TAV trials

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On December 17, in Turin, the sentence will be pronounced in the trial against Chiara, Mattia, Claudio and Niccolò, No TAV in prison for a year for sabotaging machinery in the TAV construction site in Chiomonte in Valsusa. For that action – which the Valsusa No TAV movement in a popular assembly and then the four accused in the courtroom claimed – the Prosecutor asked for 9 years and 6 months in prison for “terrorism”. Three other No TAVs are in prison (Lucio, Francesco and Graziano, with the same indictment from 9.12.2014) and hundreds are on trial for defending the land and the future from the devastation and fraud of major works.

Adhering to the appeal of the No TAV della Valsusa, the Trentino No TAV movement participated in the initiatives planned throughout Italy on 13 December to react against the criminalization of the No TAV resistance with a nice procession designed to attract the attention of passers-by. Between 70 and 80 No TAV traveled the center of Rovereto – then stopping for a long time in Piazza Rosmini – with whistles, drums and slogans for the freedom of the four defendants and against the TAV project along the Brenner axis.

On the significance of the Turin trial, read the information dossier “That night we were all there”, prepared by the No TAV movement from valsusino, watch the video with the same title and review the extensive comment that this site published last May.

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