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The Province of Trento activates the Observatory for the Brenner corridor

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The Province of Trento starts the work of the Observatory for the Brenner corridor (see press release dated 17.2.2015) with a meeting between the provincial councilor for infrastructures and the environment and the Municipalities interested in the project of the new High Speed ​​/ High Speed ​​Brenner railway ( Trento, Rovereto, Lavis, Giovo, Besenello, Calliano, Volano, Ala, Faedo, San Michele all’Adige, Mori, Vallarsa, Trambileno and Avio), plus the communities of Valle Rotaliana and Vallagarina.

Object of the meeting:

1 – guidelines for the activity of the Observatory

2 – strategic importance of the project to move traffic from road to rail (and how not?)

3 – modification of the Trento-Rovereto ring road project (and perhaps of the South and North completions) with a new “confrontation with public administrations” also on the basis of supplementary geognostic surveys (a starting point to better understand those seven partially completed and largely part blocked by the popular reaction in September-October 2019).

We have already commented very critically in July 2019 on the establishment of this “Observatory for the development of the Brenner corridor and related provincial infrastructures” at the Infrastructure and Mobility Department of the Province of Trento, arguing that the apparent neutrality of its objectives hides the to promote the project of the new Brenner high-speed / high-speed railway. It seems we were not wrong.

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